Now Working On Follow Up To ‘Cornroots’ Album!


Jason and Ben Baker (Baker Explosion) are now working on a collection of songs for the follow up to 2014’s “Down In The Cornroots”. Their debut, “Cornroots”  was recorded and produced exclusively by Ben and Jason Baker at their own One World Studio. (with Mastering by Doug Van Sloan of Focus Mastering in Omaha, Nebraska) They plan to grow their BE family a little bit with the tentatively titled “love revolution” (#LOVEREV) as it will be a slight departure from that formula, as they have invited guest musicians to record with them, on various instruments including drums, bass, keys, synths and percussion, along with doing some tracking at other locations TBD.  With songs like ‘Rise Up’ ‘Rewind”Native Nation’ plus others they have been road testing this summer it is sure to be a fun and  conscious album, calling to unite your community.

(photo credit: Sam Gaitan)

‘Thats a wrap!’ filming concluded for Baker Explosion’s 2 part video series featuring tracks off of ‘Down In The Cornroots’

The Baker Explosion camp spent two days filming in various locations in Nebraska, for a two part mini music video series.
The videos for ‘All I Know’ and ‘Cornroots’ follow the antics of Ben Baker and the Baker Explosion as Ben try’s to woo a woman, and they attempt to evade a villain in a cross cornroots adventure.


Starring: Ben Baker, Lauren May Ost Olsen, Eric Foster, Gavin Rain Baker, Jason Baker, LeAnn Baker. Directed by Isaiah Baker and Baker Explosion, Filmed by Isaiah Baker.

Both songs off of Baker Explosions ‘Down In The Cornroots’ available to download here : iTunes

Ben Baker meets “Stand Up With” Randy Thompson


More than three years ago Ben Baker (Baker Explosion) wrote a song inspired by a rancher, Randy Thompson, from the sand hills of western Nebraska, who took a stand against Transcanada, who was trying to route a tar sands oil pipeline through his land claiming eminent domain. Due to his and many others efforts the keystone XL pipeline will no longer be routed through Randy’s land, yet the keystone XL pipeline continues to threaten everything in its path. Ben had the pleasure of meeting his inspiration at the Harvest The Hope anti-Keystone XL pipeline concert featuring Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Check out the track “Stand Up With Randy” here on Spotify! #NoKxl #pipelinefighters #timetotakeourcountryback

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