“In high school (Jason) was in punk bands, and I was just a little kid.  I even wrote some stuff – one of my first songs for them was when I was six.” – [Ben Baker excerpt from Norfolk Daily News Article Feb 2016]

Cross Neil Young and Nirvana with sounds from the digital age and you have yourself, Baker Explosion.  A family band from Nebraska, (although don’t let that image forming in your mind fool you they are no Partridge Family).  Two Brothers, and a recently added son as their drummer, with some serious musical chops. Jason is an experienced alto sax player, multi-instrumentalist. Ben’s guitar playing has audiences thrilled, yet, he also plays piano, synth’s and banjo as well..

Both Brothers have spent their lifetimes writing songs.  Mostly being heard only by a handful of friends and family, but in 2016 they had the opportunity of playing a slot on Hear Nebraska’s Good Living Tour, along with doing a set during their hometowns 4th of July celebration with thousands in attendance, broadening their audience, and pushing them to continue writing and recording music.

Baker Explosion is currently recording a new studio album of new material along with a live in the studio album of favorite songs from their catalog along with some cover tunes, and an acoustic series of videos.

In 2015 the band independently released their Debut album “Down In The Cornroots” A record of original songs written across a span of several years, representing different parts of each of the brothers separate lives, that came together as a strong foundation for the band.  They have released three music videos for the album “Day After Yesterday” “All I Know” and “Cornroots” The Videos keep a not too serious tone that makes them fun to watch.


“Down In The Cornroots”

” [Available where all records are sold and streamed online, and available on CD on their website www.bakerexplosion.com. ]