2023 Year Roundup

2023 Year Roundup! This year flew by fast like Flash, yet before it disappeared, we released two new singles, one music video, and played 3 RAD live shows.

Earlier this year we released Big Truck REMIX, an electronic reimagining of one of our favorite tracks off of our album ‘Down In the Cornroots’
stream both versions on Spotify HERE:
( https://open.spotify.com/artist/6KYtYSmx5lbYf3ODoDJRbt?si=yOcI5XtvQIe6KhPbsh_xiA )

Our second single and Music Video for ‘SO CONFUSED’ was filmed with so many of our friends and a few former bandmates, after our set at Forkfest. Check out the Music Video on YouTube Here:
( https://youtu.be/qf88NV0hXSI?si=hC3tYtO2U0_rTbt8 )

We spent a lot of 2023 in the lab, working on new Singles and our Self Titled Second Album tentatively out for release in 2024. Keep your eye out for the pre-saves!

We also have started recording a Podcast we have Dubbed Baker Pod, be on the lookout for our clips and reels. We are diving deep into the world of Baker Explosion.

We wish all of our friends, family and fans a festive, fruitful and fun filled 2024. Thats alot of F’s!