Ben Baker meets “Stand Up With” Randy Thompson


More than three years ago Ben Baker (Baker Explosion) wrote a song inspired by a rancher, Randy Thompson, from the sand hills of western Nebraska, who took a stand against Transcanada, who was trying to route a tar sands oil pipeline through his land claiming eminent domain. Due to his and many others efforts the keystone XL pipeline will no longer be routed through Randy’s land, yet the keystone XL pipeline continues to threaten everything in its path. Ben had the pleasure of meeting his inspiration at the Harvest The Hope anti-Keystone XL pipeline concert featuring Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Check out the track “Stand Up With Randy” here on Spotify! #NoKxl #pipelinefighters #timetotakeourcountryback

For more information on the pipeline fight follow

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Baker Explosion filming music video for ‘The Day After Yesterday’

The Baker Explosion family has been hard at work filming their first official music video off of debut recording ‘Down In The Cornroots’.
Day one was full of various antics, including a dance party at the library with an amazing group of friends and family.
On day two we concentrated mostly on some street busking saxophone, a park scene and a couple of impromptu scenes that managed to grace us with some very fun footage.
We have one more day of filming left, with just a couple scenes to film. Baker Explosion are going to debut the brand new video for ‘The Day After Yesterday’ the first track off of their new album ‘Down In The Cornroots’ in August 2014, followed with an official release of their debut album September 23 2014 on Itunes and and September 25 in Norfolk, NE starting a string of CD release live shows! Official east Nebraska tour information TBA!